Small groups of the loveliest dogs in Exeter

Session Overview

Your dog will always be treated as our own and will always be returned happy, tired and clean.

Our walk locations are anywhere from the local beaches, forests and woods, to the local city nature parks, Woodbury Common and Dartmoor. Everyday is different and we typically go where the weather takes us. If its a particularly muddy day, we might choose a beach or moors walk. The primary goal is for your dog to go where they want to sniff and explore off lead with the pack. When they get home they’ll want to relax and snooze. Our walk is at least an hour, but we’ll be out the house for hours due to travel times, pick ups and drop offs.

Covid-19 & Social Distances

There are 2 types of collection.

  1. Customer at home
    During collection I wear a face mask. I will knock on the door and then back away. Customer will then open the door and dog will run to me. I will then clip them to my own leads. 
  2. Customer not at home
    During collection I wear a face mask. Using a key to access the property, I will not touch any surfaces whilst collecting the dog and we leave straight away using our own leads. 

All dogs are towelled down and cleaned off before going back into the house.  I will only access the area of the house agreed (ie, kitchen, utility room). 

Safety first

Safety for your dog is our highest priority. When we approach other dogs or people, your dog will usually be recalled to stay close or placed on lead until the other dogs are identified as friendly. On the odd occasion that we meet horses or cattle, they are immediately placed on their leads and kept at distance. 

Travelling in the dog car, all dogs are clipped in, to secure them. They have fresh towels and blankets to lie on and snuggle into.

Bad recall or nervous

For those dogs with a bad recall, we will walk them on lead. This doesn’t make them a bad dog, but from our experience, a dog with a bad recall can be a nervous or stubborn dog. The nervous ones will try to run home or escape and this is not what we want. Instead, we use long training leads to allow them to have freedom of movement to run and play without legging it! 

If you dog does have a bad recall or is a nervous dog who might want to run away, please make sure they have a suitable harness. A collar can slip off heads and then there is a loose dog without and identification, as I’ll be holding it when I’m searching for them.

Dropping off

At the end of our walks, the dogs are cleaned off and dried as best as possible. Then, during the drive home they should dry a little more (on those rainy, beach or muddy days), so when they finally arrive home and get a second towelling down, they should be pretty respectable and ready for a sleep without making a mess on your clean kitchen floor (that’s the plan anyway). Those dogs with long or curly coats take a bit more towelling down. Godda love Whippets!

Instagram (@blackdogdevon)

During the walks, I’ll take a lot of pictures of the group to try and capture the best moments of their walk. Sometimes we get the best location, light, sky, action and timing. Sometimes its a blurry mess. Either way, we will tag you in the pictures as a record of their day out. Follow us.


All our walks are £14. If you work for the NHS, then we offer a 10% discount.


No Cancellation Policy

Often you may work to unpredictable timetables and may have an unexpected day off, so that’s why there is no cancellation policy or penalty for doing your job. 

Birthday Walks are FREE

Birthdays are all about treats, so when you sign up, we make note of your dog’s birthday so that we make sure a walk during their birthday week is on us! There may also be a cheeky treat in there too. 

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Taking a stroll along the canal path past the Double Locks